Testimonials from our boarders and students ...

Some of our boarders and students have been gracious enough to allow us to post their comments about our farm.  We hope this will answer some of your questions about the quality and value that we offer here  at Sunswept Stables.

Diane is a mind reader.  She knows instinctively exacty what each student requires to be successful.  From energetic encouragement to quiet, one-word reminders, her technique matches the needs of her student.  Need to lighten up?  Diane will coax a chuckle out of you.  Need to settle down?  Her on-point cues will help you focus.
She’s the same with the horses.  Sometimes they need gentle reassurance, sometimes they need firm correction.  And, if her first choice doesn’t get through, she has many more techniques to draw on…for both horse and rider.
It’s clear she loves her work.  And that positive energy infuses every riding or driving experience at Sunswept Stables.
Lisa Bubar
Durham, NH

Three years ago I retired at the age of 60.  I have remained active, that is the key to a successful life after work.  One day this past spring, as I was reviewing in my mind what new adventure I wanted try, it came to me....horseback riding.  I choose Sunswept Stables in Dover and I am glad I did.  What little I learned when I took horseback riding in college a thousand years ago was lost.  I presented myself to Diane Caverly as a blank slate whereupon she has taken the time to show me the proper and safe way to handle, groom, tack and ride.  I have made mistakes, yet Diane has the patience to reinforce correct technique.  I have asked a myriad of questions, she never tires in her response.  The value received for the price I pay is exceptional.  The lessons are fun, the tack and horses are top-notch, and the outdoor ring is a joy in which to ride.  I have learned a lot these past few months at Sunswept Stables, and thoroughly enjoy horseback riding.  I look forward to learning more at Sunswept, and to drive as well as ride.
John Cafasso
Barrington, NH


We love Diane's teaching methods and regular use of humor. Her ways of challenging students are personal, gentle, and encouraging.

-Morong family

Three years ago when my granddaughter from away was coming to visit us for a week for the first time (she was nine), we arranged for a week’s worth of riding lessons with Diane. My granddaughter had expressed some interest in riding, surprising us as she was a timid soul, and a family member recommended Diane.
And so the riding lessons began, as did the lessons in assertiveness, leadership, self-knowledge, and courage. Diane delivers this mélange of lessons with patience, firmness, and a wonderful, engaging sense of humor. We’ve been back every summer since and, when we can, sneak a lesson in on a school break.
My granddaughter fell off her horse this summer, picked herself up, and got right back on. To borrow a phrase—Priceless.

Thank you,    John Bubar

I started riding in eighth grade--about four years ago. During those four years, I went to a barn where it was rare for the trainer and other staff to say "Hello" to me when I walked in. It was a cold atmosphere, and that was how my family and I thought it had to be--maybe that was just the way "horse people" were. I would dread asking questions, as they often made me feel silly, even stupid, for not being sure how a certain piece of tack was adjusted, or what horse's bridle was where. I felt like a shadow, as most people who entered the barn would simply ignore me. Money seemed like the most important thing to them. The instructor's daughter was constantly on her cell phone, and all in all it was a hostile environment. 

I tell you this story, because it is incredible how Sunswept Stables is one-hundred-eighty degrees opposite from this barn!! The first time I lessoned here, I was absolutely astonished. Diane was incredibly warm and kind, even introducing me to her equally friendly husband, Chris. Diane is one of the greatest teachers I've ever encountered. She is extremely knowledgable, and provides me with the tools I need to keep control in "sticky" situations. She constantly maintains a positive, upbeat, and proactive attitude. And not only does she tolerate questions, she welcomes them! I wish I had started learning at this barn. When I'm at a lesson I feel safe and empowered from Diane's instructing. When I drive up to the barn with my parents, I don't get the nervous pit in my stomach like I did approaching the old barn I was at. Instead I am excited to ride and chat with Diane as well as Chris!

Thank you to Sunswept Stables for making it a warm and caring place to ride!!

Sophie Welch

I have taken my granddaughter to Sunswept Stables for riding lessons for the past 3 1/2 years.  This has been a fun and exciting experience for her and we plan to continue.  Diane encourages the children to build a trusting relationship with her and the horses.  She has them spend time brushing and outfitting the horses before riding.  During the riding lesson Diane understands the balance between challenging and supporting the rider.  She is able to handle behavioral challenges that occasionally present themselves such as a day when my granddaughter is not putting in her best effort.  My granddaughter always leaves the lesson happy and feeling successful.

Julie Cooper